About us

Chaitanyam Institute of Human Excellence in Healthcare is a unique healthcare educational and healthcare service institute promoted by Sweekriti Sociocare Foundation, a Section 8, Not for Profit, Company under the Indian Companies Act 2013. The institute has been established with the objective of:

1) Development of quality humane workforce by providing affordable avenues of value based healthcare education free of cost & quality healthcare training
2) Promoting Social and welfare healthcare activities for common citizen.

Our Vision And Mission

Our Vision

To strive successfully to become a cynosure for Human Excellence in Health Care Education & Services that will act as a replicable, scalable & transformative Model for the Sector AND bring paradigm shift in the Healthcare Services in INDIA.

Mission Objective

To Shape Caregivers by inculcating Empathy, Compassion & Love through Experiential Learning of Human Excellence in a practicing environment .

Why Chaitanyam ?

Despite the quantum leap in medical development, the core human values of empathy, compassion and love seems to be missing with the overall trend leaning towards commercialization. Additionally, the escalating costs (in education, training and medical treatment), Demand-Supply imbalances of Healthcare professionals (both para and medical), inequitable distribution of quality healthcare across sections of society, especially the rural and underprivileged, all these have led to a different set of challenges.

With a view to address these issues in a pragmatic and practical manner, Sweekriti Sociocare Foundation (SSF) was formed as a ‘Not for Profit’ Section 8 Company with the key objective as mentioned above.

"Chaitanyam Institute for Human Excellence in Healthcare”, the first project of SSF, was set up under the Private-Public Partnership (PPA) as a JV with Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) wherein TMC has granted on lease, a newly constructed 70,000 square feet building."

Healthcare Scenario in India:

  • High Level of Commercialization in Healthcare Education and Healthcare Services
  • Deterioration in Quality of Health Education
  • Lack of emphasis on Human Values in Healthcare Education
  • Growing Shortage of Caregivers compounded by closure of private Nursing Colleges
  • Nurse to Patient ratio :1:588 (against WHO recommendation of 1:333) (source :Nitiayog 2018)

Role of Chaitanyam :

  • Re-design the approach towards training & development of critical human resources in healthcare.
  • Create a talent pool of compassionate healthcare professionals for the society, by providing Provide full time courses like B Sc Nursing, Fellowship courses etc free of tution fees .
  • Integration of human values and self-development during training period through Practice Environment known as “Experiential Learning”
  • Combined with High Quality Professional Education using Simulation Techniques etc.
  • Provide affordable healthcare skill developments programs to youth, thereby providing employment opportunities
  • Offer loving holistic healthcare services to the society.


  • Board of Directors

  • The company is governed by the board of directors, who meet regularly and are involved in the activities of the company.

  • Executive Council

  • The Executive Council (EC) comprises of six members (in addition to board) from various fields, which advises the Board on a wide range policy matters, including laying Policy, direction,interacting with various stakeholders and also in helping the company in all possible ways . 

  • Management Team
  • Dr. Mangalam Sriram is Director Academics looks after the overall academic programs and Dr. Vartak is Director of Hridayananda, the medical centre. Under their leadership the team continuously strives in providing compassionate healthcare education and healthcare services