What we Offer

EDUCATION (विद्या)

Chaitanyam Institute for Human Excellence in Healthcare is one of its kind resource center for developing better caregivers and promote human values in healthcare.
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To serve the needs of the local community in the two most significant stages of human life – childhood and old age.
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Music, dance and other forms of arts are effective mediums for human development as they open up several possibilities for exploration, evolution and experience.
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Community Services (CS) :

Why DMCHP program ?

Maternal health needs to be addressed seriously in India. The factors Click here have hampered the Maternal health and Child health drastically. The program aims to improve mental and physical health of a women before, during and after pregnancy. Mental health conditions like depression, stress, anxiety in expecting mothers have been proven to be related to cognitive, emotional and behavioural problems in children. The integration of mental health into maternal health is a need of the hour. To provide health care needs of a pregnant women in a holistic manner. Holistic child healthcare services and health education for their safety and overall happy childhood.

Mission :

Aiming for healthy motherhood and healthy childhood through structured and continuous program. To create a conducive environment towards the journey of motherhood and childhood. To educate and orient the women along the various stages of motherhood through professional competencies. To promote early detection of children with chronic diseases and deformations. To take active initiatives in referring the children for screening and treatment.


To address the overall health, hygiene and happiness of a mother. To bring down maternal conditions a cause of complications and illness during pregnancy. To address physical, emotional and social concerns of an expectant mothers. To identify high risk of expecting mothers and referral for tertiary care. To provide awareness on health and hygiene to young women and adolescent girls. To ensure every child has healthy physical, mental and social development. To reduce Neonatal conditions, infant mortality and morbidity. To engage in value based family orientation program.

DMCHP Team :

  • Mentor 1; Gynaecologist
  • Mentor 2: Paediatrician
  • Program Coordinator : Public health specialist / General doctor
  • Program Executive: OBG / GYN Nurse
  • Nutritionist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist

Other healthcare providers

  • Psychologist
  • Art therapist
  • Music therapist
  • Yoga instructor

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Yoga is carried out at our centre on regular basis. Should a group be interested in having a yoga session or a course, you may kindly get in touch with us.

Of all the elements which make up this physical universe, sound (shabda) is the most subtle. In fact our ancients considered Shabda is as Brahman(God). Sound is considered as the first manifestation of Parama Shiva; in its primary stage it is a psychic wave. Its very existence entails the presence of spandan or movement ('vibration') without which there cannot be sound; Sound Healing is an holistic approach of sending sound vibration for in the body for healing at physical, mental and emotional level. Sound therapy is provided at Chaitanyam as individual service as well as a group service (sound bath) by experienced practitioners at minimum charges.
Persons interested in availing sound therapy are requested to contact us (contact link).

Topics : Well-being [ Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual]
No of session : 06
Session I : Physical Wellbeing ( Self-Care & Sleep)
Session II : Inward Happiness (Who Am I & I Am Responsible )
Session III: Spiritual Wellbeing ( Purpose In Life & Breathing Exercise)
Session IV : Physical Wellbeing ( Increasing Energy Level & Good Habits)
Session V : Inward Happiness ( Stress Relief & Adapting Change )
Session VI : Spiritual Wellbeing ( Values: Optimism & Gratitude)

The team at Chaitanyam as a part of their social service, distributed freshly packed lunch boxes to 150 street people during the Lockdown period on daily basis.

Chaitanyam Activities At a Glance

Academic Courses Offered
Medical Services (free of cost)
  • Fellowship in Human Excellence in Healthcare​*
  • Fellowship in Geriatric Physiotherapy *
  • Fellowship in Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy*
  • ​Basic B Sc Nursing*
  • Simulation Laboratory facility for skilling/reskilling
  • Diploma in Youth leadership & Social Change #
  • Certificate in Counseling skill #
  • N​SDC : ​Skill development courses
*MUHS (No Tuition fee); # TISS
  • Monthly wellness camp & follow up ​OPD
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • OPD​ for ​Paediatric Cardiac Screening​ using ​
  • HD Stethoscope
  • ​Eye & Cataract screening and care  O​PD​ for ​2D Echo​ for Paediatric Cardiac Screening
Outreach Programs (free of cost)Alternative Therapies through Experiential Learning"
  • Divine mother and child health program
  • Basic life support awareness program ​
  • Human Excellence workshop for Nurses
  • In Situ Paediatric Cardiac Screening using Digital Stethoscope 
  • Sound healing therapy
  • Sound bath meditation
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Music & Art Therapy

Work Done So Far

  • Work done so far (October 2019)
  • Monthly free medical camps: 20; 1750 (New patients : 1212; follow ups : 538)
  • Divine Mother and Child Health Program (Outreach): 4110 beneficiaries
  • Community based BLS awareness sessions: 6 Sessions; 154 people attended
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) & Physiotherapy (PT): Fully functional OT & PT treatment center
  • Human excellence workshops: 11 workshops; 825 delegates
  • Pediatric Cardiac Screening Camp: 3; 111 children (3 detected with probable Congenital Heart Disease: CHD)
  • Sound Healing: 26 Beneficiaries; Sound Bath Meditation (Group Session): 5 (262 Beneficiaries)