Why do we need your support?

• Sweekriti Sociocare Foundation is an NGO working towards “Humanization of Healthcare” by bringing about transformative changes in both Healthcare Education and Services. Healthcare education like B SC Nursing, fellowship courses are free from any tution fees and healthcare services are provided free of cost as a service to the nation.

These are achieved by ensuring that
a. Every Nursing Student is trained as Caregivers in our Institute’s flagship program on Human Excellence in Healthcare besides providing High Quality Professional Education in Nursing.
b. Experienced Nurses and Healthcare Professionals are also being offered several Fellowship programs that includes Human Excellence in Healthcare
c. Our Medical Centre offers free healthcare services both in the OPD as well as through Outreach Programs such as Divine Mother-Child Health Program (Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Child), Paediatric Cardiac Screening for early medical intervention etc.
d. Other online and offline programs like SMILE for the well bring of our COVID -19 frontline workers (doctors/nurses/medical professionals/paramedics etc)

The objective of free health education & services is to Touch the Hearts while treating so the beneficiaries at some stage in their life will give back to the society.

By contributing to this NGO, you will be indirectly contributing to ideal “Healthy Citizens thereby Healthy Nation”. This will ensure improved mental & physical health and improved quality of life, reduced per capita expenditure on health, enhanced productivity and thereby positive economic growth.

The success of this Model will ensure more such Chaitanyams in the Country thus providing more opportunities for seva.

If you need any help, kindly contact us.